Friday, September 3, 2010

It's weekend, and I caved in!

Finally the weekend has arrived, I'm unbelievable tired, so it's very much needed. This morning I even caved in, and are now wearing maternity pants... I hate to admit it, but my old jeans weren't feeling too comfortable any longer, especially as the day turned into evening. The thing is I don't feel I look pregnant yet, just like I ate too much over the summer:) But I must admit I love wearing them, the are just really comfortable, so who cares, and why had no one told me they were so comfortable?
Tonight I believe I will spent on the couch in front of the TV, doing absolutely nothing! Tomorrow we will be heading down to my parents to celebrate my mums belated birthday. I can't wait, a weekend of doing nothing! Just sit and be served, is there anything better? We asked if it was okay to stay till Sunday, to which I of course knew the answer, but you got to ask, right? My mum said she thought we would, so we are staying.
This week at work have been super bad, and I don't hope it will continue at this speed! If it does, well then I'm not gonna last over Christmas... I'll be on sick leave, but hey December won't be the worst month to spent at home... so who knows, I just hope it slows down, but I'm not the one to make those choices.
Hope you all will have a happy weekend!

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  1. Hey if they are comfy, I say wear them! Maybe I should invest in a pair of my own to put on during the holiday season. :)

    I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend, my dear!


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