Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 thing I'm looking forward to...

I'm now 11 days past my due date, and I do believe it's fair for me to look forward to not being pregnant any longer! So here is 10 things I'm looking forward to after I'm done being pregnant.

  1. Holding my little baby boy

  2. Being able to get out of bed without sounding like a 90 year-old lady
  3. via

  4. Being able to tie my own shoes (okay so far that only happened once, but you feel a bit silly when your husband has to help you)
  5. Not having to go to the toilet 20 times during the night, I'm probably gonna be up with the baby, but that's okay
  6. Being able to comfortably shave my legs, they are so far away so I'm just glad it's still snowing, so I can skip shaving every once in a while
  7. Being able to get dressed without working up a sweat
  8. Not looking around the floor if I'm picking something up, thinking what else can I do while I'm down here?
  9. Getting to drink coffee again, since I'll hopefully be done having heartburns
  10. Being able to get up from the couch without thinking "this is hard work"
  11. Blogging about something else than pregnancy and annoying calls to hear if I have given birth!
That is something to look forward to if you ask me:) Hopefully only a few more days left!


  1. Oh Connie, I laughed so hard at number 7!!

    When Jonas gets here, all the discomfort will be so worth it, and apparently you forget all about this uncomfortable old lady stage!


  2. Aww! You are such a trooper, Connie! Hang in there! Your sweet boy will be here before you know it!


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