Monday, February 14, 2011

The weekend is over, and 2 days to go...

So the weekend is over, and as promised my husband took my out for dinner, but we changed it to Friday night, because we were invited for dinner at some friends on Saturday.

We had a really great dinner, and afterwards spent the evening on the couch with a movie. So Friday was a really great day, first with a visit from the mail man, the a great dinner and last a movie relaxing on the couch.

The place we had dinner via

Saturday was my husbands birthday, and honestly we didn't do much. He started doing some cleaning, I must admit I don't have the energy for doing too much anylonger, so what a great way to spent your birthday! Saturday night we went to some friends house for dinner, and had a really nice time. So nice not having to cook dinner 2 nights in a row:)

Sunday we did even less, slept in late, a little cleaning otherwise we were just hanging around the house hoping that I would go into labour. But I didn't... I'm due on Wednesday, but honestly I don't think he is coming before the weekend now, I don't know why, just a feeling I have!

My brother called and asked me to get it over with before Tuesday or otherwise he would be pleased if I waited till Sunday! The thing is he is moving into a new house, and my parents are going to help from Thursday till Saturday, and he knows they will skip out if I give birth:) I'll try to meet his demands, but I can't promise anything!

Otherwise I'm getting sick and tired of people calling to ask if I have given birth yet. At first it was only my parents and my parents in law, but now a lot of friends are calling as well, and honestly I doubt I goes any faster by them calling! Maybe I'll start screening my calls, or leave a message on the answering machine "No I haven't given birth yet, I'll let you know when it happens". A friend of my husband gave me a great idea yesterday when I complained about my mother in law calling everyday. Next time you will just say "Yeah I gave birth a couple of days ago, didn't Frank call you?" I think it would be a great joke, only she calls everyday so I guess I can't use it!

Hope you all will have great week!


  1. oh no! haha! don't they know that when you give birth, you will definitely be telling people? i hope you have an easy last days of pregnancy. you're so close!

  2. Ha! I love it! You totally should tell people that! Hehe! Hope these last few days are comfortable!

  3. I'm not even going to ask...but I've been wondering how you are feeling!!!

  4. Your brother is going to be so pissed if you have the baby right before he moves!!

    You should text your mother in law in the middle of the night saying that you're in labour - then tell her "sorry, false alarm!!". ;)



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