Friday, February 11, 2011

I got mail:)

Is there anything better than receiving real mail, not just e-mails? And I'm not talking about the mail you receive from the bank etc. No receiving mail from friends, that is the best. Probably because it doesn't happen so often, but I guess I can only blame myself, I'm not good at writing letters and cards, an e-mail is just so much faster! But after the joy this mail brought me I must be better at writing cards and letters myself!

This wasn't just a card or letter it was a whole package, and it was from Wendy. I met Wendy back in 2002 when we both were studying in Slovenia, and both had a love for pancakes with nutella and banana (but that is a whole other story). So a few weeks ago she wrote me an e-mail asking for my address, and I was excited because I thought there was a letter on my way, but this was even better.

So this is what I found inside the package, a card for all three of us, a gift for the mum-to-be (me) and 2 gifts for the baby.

I read the cutest card, and I really want to meet up with Wendy again, and hopefully it wont be to long, but who knows. I opened the package for me, and I can now really pamper myself and wait for the baby to come.

At this point I was considering waiting to open the 2 presents for the baby till my husband is home, but no, I was way too excited. I'm telling you my baby boy can now enter a competition for the best dressed baby. Aren't these just too cute?

And the monkey, and I'm sure Jonas is going to love him, ohh Wendy I might name him Gareth! Wendy has a thing for me naming our boy Gareth (but that too is a whole other story).

Doesn't he look like a Gareth?

Thank you so much Wendy I love the presents, and it for sure cheered up my day, I guess this will be one less day of nothingness, this week just seem to get better and better.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh my gosh that is so awesome! Wendy sounds like a great friend =-)

  2. oh so cute!!! every baby needs a little monkey like that. i love that wendy! and isn't it exciting to get little gifts like that? you'll be able to use them soon too. yay!

  3. So SWEET! I adore that little monkey. I'm sure he will be well loved. :)

  4. These are so adorable! And I love Wendy, too! She is so thoughtful!

  5. Oh Connie, I cried when I read this, when I saw how happy my little parcel made you! I'm so glad that you like the gifts.

    I think Gareth would be a great name for the monkey! The perfect compromise ;)

    Love you lots.


    ps: if you can't spoil a little baby then who can you spoil?!


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