Wednesday, February 16, 2011


A few years ago I signed up for this thing online where you get to review new products coming into the Danish market. I only had the chance to review a few products earlier on, but now I got the chance to review... chocolate! Is there anyone better to that than a pregnant choco-holic?

So yesterday in the mail I received 20 bars of chocolate from Ritter Sport! Yeah!!! They put a new taste on the Danish market in January, which is Strawberry Yoghurt. I now have to get different people to taste the different kinds, and the see what they think about the new one. Well since I only received it yesterday only my husband and I have tested the new taste. I have a thing about berries in chocolate, I don't think they belong there... as well as raisins doesn't belong in cakes. So to say the least I was quite sceptic trying out the Strawberry Yoghurt chocolate...

But surprise, surprise... I really liked it. It must be because they freeze dry their strawberries, because they taste really fresh and not artificial at all. Well the chocolate is good as always, the cocoa beans are from 3 different places (West Africa, Papua New Guinea and Madagascar). I must admit even though I liked it, my favourite is still their Butter Biscuit. My husband weren't too fond of the Strawberry Yoghurt, which really didn't surprise me at all, since he doesn't like strawberries, his favourite is the Marzipan, which also have a darker chocolate.

So now I just have to have people over so they can taste the chocolate, but I guess that will come automatically as soon as I give birth... hopefully soon!

Enough about the chocolate for now! My due date is today... but I doubt anything is going to happen, I feel great like I have done all the way through my pregnancy. There is a lot of myths going on to have you could start your labour, like climbing stairs, drinking coffee, eating spicy food.... I don't believe them. Though we got quite a lot of snow yesterday, and I figured I would shovel our driveway in order to get the labour started.... I can now confirm that is also a myth! Maybe I should do that again today, hey maybe the neighbours would like me to shovel their driveways as well...

Have a great day, hopefully the next time I'll be posting there will be a new addition to our little family!


  1. I am so excited for your arrival! I'm sure the baby will come when he's ready, right! That's great that you feel so good though, my sister was two weeks later with her first baby and she was completely miserable the entire time.

  2. Thinking of you Connie! Can't wait to hear about the arrival of your little one (sure to be any time now...)

    Enjoy that chocolate!

  3. The idea of you shovelling snow, 9 months pregnant, makes me think of that movie Fargo that we watched together, with the pregnant policewoman running across the snow! But without the murder bit of course!!

    I'm sure baby will be here in it's own sweet time. Am thinking so much about you and Frank just now! Good luck with the birth!

    And 20 bars of Ritter?! What a treat! I must see if there is anything like that here!!


  4. Ps: if you are bored and looking for something to kill time I can highly recommend the apartment therapy website: I could spend hours looking at other peoples homes!


  5. I have a coworker who's very pregnant right now and I keep waiting for her to have the baby while working! I bet she'd get good tips that day, hehe.


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