Friday, February 25, 2011

Still no baby!!!

First I want to thank you all for your sweet comments, they really cheered me up:)
I'm now 9 days past my due date, and I don't think he is on his way yet. Yesterday I had an appointment at the midwife, and as expected she ordered a time for an ultrasound next Wednesday, when I'm exactly 2 weeks past my due date.
Some of the appointments at the midwife has been in groups, I was in a group with 4 other girls, one was expecting her second child, and the rest of us was first timers. I was the suppose to be the first one to give birth, but yesterday she could tell me 2 of the others had given birth all ready. One had just given birth (about a week early) and the other girl had given birth last week, but she wasn't due until the middle of March, so almost a month early. I'm really thinking about her, and hoping everything will be all right. But I must admit when I first heard 2 of them had given birth I thought it was so unfair!
Because of my appointment at the midwife my husband had taken the day of, which meant I was able to go see my colleagues in the morning. It was so nice being back there to see them all, but I don't really miss work, but I do miss the social part of it. But I guess I moved around a bit more than I'm now used to, so in the afternoon I wasn't feeling too well, and in the evening I really had trouble getting up after sitting down. A good nights sleep has helped, but I guess today will also be a relaxing day. For a short while yesterday afternoon I was thinking I was going into labour, but I think it was just my body telling me to relax.
Hope you all will have a great weekend.

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  1. oh you poor thing! that little guy just likes it way too much in there. :)

    dear jonas, i understand that the world is scary and cold, but you gotta help your momma out!


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