Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 3

So today's question is about the proposal, How did it happen? How long were you engaged? Was it a total surprise?

Well if you guys haven't realised it yet... well we aren't really all that romantic! So why try to be something we are not? I think it would just come over all akward!

So we kinda just agreed that we wanted to get married. We had been at some friends wedding, years ago, it was at a really fancy and expensive place, a lot of things went wrong that day, but the party was still one of the best weddings we had been to, and that was all because of the people invited to the wedding. So back then we said that if we ever were getting married, we didn't need a fancy place, we just wanted our friends and families there.

Then in September 2007 we were at a wedding in Sweden, and after getting home in the night we talked, and said we would have our wedding at a place close by our home... I guess that was the first time we really talked about our wedding for real. Well I guess besides from when we were travelling in the US during July of 2007, where I suggested getting hitched in Vegas. We were in our motel room, trying to figure out what to do in the evening, and I suggested we would get hitched by Elvis... but Frank wasn't up to it!

But it wasn't until sometime in January or February of 2008 I asked Frank when we should tell our parents that we wanted to get married... and he said, well I have all ready told mine, and I told him and her... well he pretty much had told most of our friends as well! So we found a date, which was Saturday April 4th 2009, which was the week before Easter. So after deciding on the date, I called my parents and told them to hold the date!

So I guess we got engaged sometime during September 2007 and February 2008. Yeah really not a lot of romance, and really not much of a surprise either... I guess you can't really called it a proposal, more of an agreement:) Nothing with him getting down on one knee, no ring or anything, but just in our own special way! So therefore there are no pictures of our engagement either!

I love hearing other peoples stories about their engagement etc, but let's face it, if Frank would have done something really romantic, it would have felt all wrong, that is just not the kind of people we are!


  1. i know lots of people actually who just decided they were going to get married at some point. i think that's great. dannon and i had actually made lots of plans for our marriage before we got engaged. in fact, he officially proposed the day before a wedding dress fitting that i had scheduled a couple week's before. i think these days, you both have to be able to talk about it and make the decision together.

  2. By the time D proposed we'd talked about getting married A LOT and had a lot already figured out. It was a good feeling (especially for a planner like me).

  3. He wasn't up for a Vegas wedding in some cheesy chapel with Elvis officiating?! What a party pooper ;~)

    Everyone has their own story. Yours suits you. And that's what matters.


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