Monday, April 18, 2011

Wonderful weekend and busy week ahead!

I'll try to keep this short, but I'm not sure I can when I first get started. But we had a wonderful weekend. On Friday I was able to spent a couple of hours at the hairdresser, thank God for formula:) So I got highlights, which was very much needed with almost a year without!

Saturday we had a relaxing day, in the afternoon my husband went to a soccer game with a friend, afterwards Jonas and I picked them up and had dinner and drinks (one drink only for me) at their house. We had a great time, and weren't home until 2.00 am.

Sunday a childhood friend of mine and her husband came by for lunch. We had a really nice afternoon, though all 3 of us were a bit tired from the night before. So we tried to get to bed early, which isn't easy with a baby, but around 22.00 I was able to turn of the light, and hit the pillows:)

Today we first went shopping for a stroller, which is a jungle, but we ended up with a light weight which will be good for travelling, we have the pram for the more daily use. Afterwards I met with the girls from my midwife group. We met up at noon, and suddenly it was 15.30, the time flew by, but I guess that is what happens in good company.

Jonas all ready sleeping in his new stroller.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet with my boss for our yearly interview, so keep your fingers crossed that I will get a raise... I doubt it though, because right now they are firing people... so I'm just happy that I'm on maternity leave so they can't touch me:)

On Thursday my parents are coming, and staying till Friday. My aunt will visit as well on Friday, so we will have a big Easter lunch on Friday. Saturday we will go out for lunch at a fish restaurant with some friends, and Sunday we are visiting Franks parents at their Summer house on a little island just of the shore from Esbjerg.

Well I guess I was right, I couldn't keep it short! Anyways Happy Easter everyone!


  1. It sounds like motherhood is treating you well! I am so glad you've been able to have some fun, too!

  2. He looks so happy in his buggy! And he looks so much like Frank at the moment it's unbelievable!

    Sorry I haven't had a chance to e-mail you, but thank you so so much for your sweet card and note. We would be so happy if you came over to Edinburgh next year!! I will make nutella and banana for Jonas so he can experience the joy! Or else I will spend the next year hunting down places in Edinburgh that serve pancakes with nutella and banana!! xx

  3. I just saw the baby picture over on Wendy's blog and had to come over here and tell you what a cute, handsome, adorable, wonderful baby you have!

  4. Goodness he is getting so big already! The time is just flying by.


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