Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 4

It's Wednesday, and that means time for another Wedding Wednesday post. Today I'm going to tell you about the ring, who chose it, how it looks, how his ring looks etc.

Well my husband said right away he didn't want a ring, because he couldn't get used to wearing one. Some women would probably be upset that their husband didn't want to wear I ring... well not me, I figured I could then spent more money on my ring:) Though I wanted him to get a ring, but he could just get a cheap one, but he needed one to put on in the church.

Any ways we went to pick out our rings together, and on the way to the jewellery store he decided he wanted a ring after all. So we look on rings, and I always thought I would want something in white gold, and I also knew I didn't want any "bling"... no diamonds for me, I don't believe Marilyn Monroe and "diamonds are a girls best friend".

My ring (sorry for the poor quality of the picture)

So we looked at rings, and ended up deciding on a plain gold ring, nothing fancy, after seeing their selection of white gold rings, well I just changed my mind. We both thought the price was quite high, but compared to the others we had seen we figured it was okay... well little did we know, the priced showed was of course for both rings and not for one only.... I guess everyone would know that beside us, so we were pleasantly surprised when we went to pay for it!

To this day I put on my ring everyday, and I feel like something is missing if I don't wear it. The story of my husbands ring is a bit different... he wore on the day we got married and the day after, since April 6th 2009 (two days after our wedding) it has been hanging on the noticeboard, but I honestly don't mind. I know we are married, and I couldn't care less if people can see that when we go out!

My husbands ring nice and shiny on the notice board (again sorry for the poor quality of the picture)

That was the story of our rings, nothing fancy... just like us:)


  1. it wasn't until the mid 1900's that diamonds became the thing to wear for weddings, and it was only because de beer's told everyone they should use diamonds. it's totally a new idea for engagements, and i love that you guys went your own way! simple is definitely better. and i know lots of men and women who don't wear rings at all. it's important to wear what fits you and your personal style.

  2. I like people who have rings that aren't typical and I commend you for going for what you want vs. what society says is right.

    And it cracks me up that your hub hasn't worn his ring since 2 days after the wedding. I'm not sure my hubs can even get his ring off!


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