Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 5

It's Wednesday, which mean it's time for another Wedding Wednesday post. This week I'm suppose to show you engagement or bridal pictures, but since that isn't really something that you do in Denmark we don't have any. Instead I figured I could show you some pictures from my bachelorette party, but just to warn you the pictures at the end might not be child proved!

My friends, including my mum and mother in law picked me up at work, which was a total surprise... I had for some reason figured it would be on a Saturday. The first picture is of them waiting for me to come to the information desk... some of them had also "dressed up" for the day.

They called me from the information desk that they had a customer, who wasn't satisfied with a frying pan she had bought, and she was really mad. So I went up there, but just when I saw the guy who had called me I thought "that smile... that's not a pissed off customer" and then I saw everybody standing there with flags, ready to take me on an adventure...

First I had to drive around a bit, and then we ended up at our house where they dressed me up... real charming right, I figured the skirt made me look a bit like Carrie Bradshaw... or not! We started out with a great brunch, before starting a day full of games.

Well it turned out the day was pretty warm, and I asked if I could please put on something else, because I was way too hot. When the girls saw I had bought a tank top online with the text "Frank's girl" they agreed I could put that on!

We had all been divided into 2 teams, and then had to compete in a lot of different games, like boot tossing. You had to take a boot, throw it between your legs and over you head, and see who could throw the longest.

I was actually pretty good at the boot tossing, just one girl who was better than me... unfortunately she was on the other team. We also had games where we should do a beer baton, cake decorating and a lot of other games.

In the middle of the day we went to the local school, where they had arrange a woman to teach us to line dance... well as you can see I wasn't too good at it, I guess the beers got me confusing left and right... Luckily that didn't count as a part of the competition:)

Then we had to get the pencil in the bottle, but that was so not fair... the girl I was competing against had almost just arrived, and was sober... and me... well this was pretty late in the day, so I was not so sober, so I lost...

Well we must have won some of the games, because our team won, and got gold medals, which I still have, and I love bringing it up to some of the girls who were on the losing team:)

Late in the evening they had hired a stripper... well that almost went wrong, because the had somehow gotten the dates mixed up, and the company thought he should come on Saturday evening... so they had to send another guy...

It was so hilarious... he wasn't really good at dancing, and a few things went wrong in his show, but we had the best laugh, and just a real fun way to end a great day.

We had a great day, and I couldn't have wished for a better party. It's a party we often talk about, and have actually talked about when I'm done breastfeeding and can drink again... well we want to do the party again... well probably not the stripper, he was a bit expensive and honestly I doubt it's that fun the second time around. I think we will just impersonate the stripper ourselves, one of the girls is really good and impersonating him, so that should be fun.

Well that will be all for this Wedding Wednesday, have a great week everyone.

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