Sunday, May 22, 2011

My handsome date

Well this weekend was a long one, not that it's over yet. Friday was a national holiday, so my husband was off work. Though on Friday we had to go to some friends sons confirmation. The weather was really great, and luckily Jonas fell asleep on the way there, so he slept through lunch, so I was able to eat without him on my lap:)

But after his nap he turned on his charm, and charmed everyone at the party:) Look at my handsome date!

Saturday we had a really relaxing day, well my husband is building a shed for our garden tools, and I was helping out while Jonas was napping, I'll end up being a real handy-woman!

Today my husband and friend are driving to Germany to do a little shopping. We need wine, beer and sodas for the baptism, and that is just a lot cheaper in Germany. But since Jonas doesn't have a passport yet we couldn't go... so after he will be baptised we will get him a passport. So now they are in Germany, Jonas is sleeping and I'm blogging.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Sounds like BLISS Connie :) And you both look wonderful in that picture. It's already Monday night here :s

  2. He's so adorable!

    You look so pretty in that photo :)


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