Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 6

Yet again it's Wednesday, and time for a Wedding Wednesday post. Today I'm going to tell about the colours and the flowers that we used.

I decided on a light green and ivory or white being the colours used at our wedding. For me to choose a pink or a purple just seemed to girlish, and after all green is the colour of hope, so I guess it couldn't fit better.

This picture is probably one of the best of my bouquet. Mostly roses, some clematis etc. It's actually a colleague of mine who made it, she used to work at a florist, and offered to make my bouquet... and she did a really good job if you ask me:)

A picture of one of the tables, I guess we were pretty lucky that our party favours matched the napkins. The day we went to talk about the table settings, flowers, napkins, food etc. I had forgot to bring along one of the little bags my mum had all ready made for the party favours, so we were going through their napkins, and I said I think this one will match... I didn't go back later to check, it wasn't until we drop of the party favours the day before I got to see them together... I guess you can be lucky sometimes.

Last a little peak of what was in the party favours, some candy, a piece of chocolate, a little perfume, some mints, a few painkillers for the day after, a toothpick and a dance card. It's not all that common with party favours in Denmark, but we had been at some friends wedding, where they had them, and we stole their idea. Everyone loved them, and the best thing was it was kind of an ice breaker for the people seated together who didn't know each other... though it didn't seem to be a problem for people to get the talk going!

Well that was it with our colours.


  1. "green is the color of hope." that's so sweet, i didn't know that! well, then it sounds like the perfect color for a wedding. and i love that you gave out gummy bears and painkillers. that's so fun!

  2. Hi Connie! Looks like we're swap partners :) I'm having fun having a read of your blog! Candy what a great idea!

  3. Beautiful post! I love the shade of green that you used to accent...

    PS: I think you'll love the super sweet giveaway I'm currently running. If you have a moment, stop by!

  4. LOVE the colors - looks like an amazing day -
    Have a lovely weekend
    A xox


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