Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coffee is my friend...

This week has been busy and a bit exhausting this far, but also a lot of fun... but coffee has saved me this week!

Monday I was meeting up with the girls from my midwife group, and the walk there only took 45 minutes, and the weather was great, so I really enjoy it. On the way back Jonas was awake, which made the trip even better, wouldn't you just love the company of this little guy?

Sorry for the poor quality of the picture... I guess that is why I never take photos with my phone!

I was really nice meeting up with the girls again, and it's fun to follow their kids too, and see how big they are getting.

Tuesday I was hosting a kids clothes party in the evening, so I spent the day baking and cleaning. Though a lot of the people I had invited ended up not showing, there were a lot of lousy excuses, and a few real ones. But honestly when people know so far in advance, and say they will come, how come they change their minds a day or two before? Any ways the ones who showed seemed to enjoy themselves, and we did get to buy new clothes for our kids. It was one of my former colleagues who had started selling clothes in her spare time, so I also got to see her again:)

Yesterday I was meeting up with the girls from my mother group, which again was a 45 minutes walk each way, so I have really got some walking in this week... but I have also been eating cake...

So today I'm really happy that I don't have any plans, so now that Jonas is napping, I'm just relaxing with my good friend... mr. coffee:) and getting a bit of laundry done!


  1. today is national coffee day here in the U.S. so i say drink away! :) i'm sorry the clothes party didn't turn out the way you'd hoped. we've had that happen before and it's frustrating. but that's life i suppose. what an adorable smile your little jonas has!

  2. Jonas is adorable, even in this blurry shot!

  3. Jonas has grown so much! You're so lucky xoxox


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