Thursday, March 13, 2014

Buzzador - Oral B toothbrushes

I have been testing Oral-B toothbrushes through buzzador.

The first one I tried was the TriZone brush, which I at first really liked, but ended up thinking it was a bit soft, though I liked the bigger brush on it.

Then I tried the 3D white brush for little over a week, that was really hard, especially on the gums, but I felt like me teeth we really getting cleaned.

I am currently testing the last one, the Floss Action, that one is my favorite, and for sure the one I'm going to buy next time I need new brushes for my toothbrush.
I also got some of their toothpaste, and well let's just say I really dislike it. It taste like a bad piece of gum, well it is mostly the smell of it that annoys me. Besides that it is really thin, and it runs out of the tube, so we got toothpaste all over the sink etc. So I am definitely sticking to my regular toothpaste.

But there you have it, my thoughts of the Oral-B toothbrushes.

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  1. Eh sounds like a really mixed review to me. Thanks for being honest!


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