Thursday, March 6, 2014

M and M direct - review

I usually don't review web shops on my blog, but this one just deserves a shout out!

On Wednesday night last week I was looking around for trainers, the thing is my trainers get used pretty fast at work, and I go through shoes pretty fast. The last pair lasted only a few months, and well with the prices in Denmark you can be poor pretty fast. Last year I put my first order in with MandMdirect and back then I was really satisfied. 

I ended up ordering 2 pair of shoes for myself, 2 pairs for Jonas, a t-shirt for myself and 3 pairs of boxers for my husband in order to reach the amount for free shipping. All this I got for about the amount I would pay for 1½ pair of shoes in Denmark only 600 DKK (110 US$).

And best of all, by Monday night it was delivered. You might not think that is fast delivery, but keep in mind it was being shipped from the UK to Denmark, so I think that was pretty fast. So I can for sure recommend all of you to shop at MandMdirect.

This post isn't sponsored, the words are all mine, but hey if someone over at MandMdirect should want to sponsor me you are more than welcome to contact me:)

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