Friday, March 7, 2014

Jonas' first days at Early Years...

So Jonas started the Early Years programme on Monday, and have now been there for 4 days. Monday I stayed with him until we went home. Then on Tuesday he was going to stay there by himself, so he only stayed for a few hours. He gave me a hug and a few kisses when I left, and was okay with me leaving... I think it was harder for me leaving him.

He is suddenly so big and independent... well all the other kids go to the bathroom themselves, put on the jackets etc. all by themselves. I know Jonas are able to do this too, but when he is at home we probably help him a bit too much. And since the potty training was pretty new to him, I was pretty sure he would have had a changed of clothes when I picked him up... but no, and he had fun. He had got a bit upset at one point on the playground, not crying or anything, but he seemed a little lost. But after talking a bit to one of the teachers there were no problem.

My big boy on he way home from "school" on Wednesday 

Wednesday he stayed a bit longer, and again no accidents! When I dropped him off on Wednesday morning when were headed to the Gym for their P.E. class. He had really enjoyed P.E., I guess mainly because this time they had brought out everything for them just to run around and play. On Wednesday he had also been a little upset at one point, but not crying or anything, he just got a hug and talked to one of the teachers and then he was okay.

Yesterday I dropped him off and he had to show me a few things before I could leave. He kept holding my hand and wouldn't really let go. So I thought he would be really upset when I left. One of the teachers came with us so he could wave at me, he gave me a kiss and a hug, and when I was almost out the door he wanted to give me another kiss. I gave him another kiss, and then he ran off, and didn't care to wave at me!
Since he is used to having a nap on both Wednesday and Thursday I picked him up around noon. Yesterday they were about to eat their lunch when I came, and Jonas wanted to stay and eat, so we did. Again he had no accidents, I'm so proud of him, but he did have a little accident on Wednesday afternoon and we were outside playing in the neighbours backyard, but ohh well he had so much fun he forgot.

Jonas relaxing, NOT napping:)

I guess all the problems we had when he started daycare was all the trouble we needed. On Wednesday he didn't want to nap just relax on the couch with TV, which meant a very tired Jonas and early dinner and early bedtime. When we got home yesterday he again said he didn't want to nap, but he ended up falling asleep on the couch.

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