Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How embarrassing...

After work I went to get some groceries, and because I just need to get out of the door at work, I went to one of our competitors! I just have had one of those days, that when I'm off I just need to leave, and I don't care to shop in our store.

While the cashier ran all my things through, I was going to pay with credit card, and then the most embarrassing thing... she told me the card was blocked! I was very cool, and figured I had taken the wrong card (got a new one a few months back, and had kept to old one to make sure the new one had been opened), but the new card wasn't in my wallet. Well I remember putting it in my pocket at work, so I could pay for lunch (yep I never have cash on me, not even a few change). So I grabbed my pocket, and that was when I realised I had emptied my pockets at work, and my credit card must have slipped into my tray at the office! That was about the time my face turned really red.


So I ran to the car, drove back to work, got the credit card, drove back to the store, ran inside paid for my groceries, and walked pretty fast out of there... I guess that's bad karma for shopping somewhere else...

I will for sure never leave my credit card at work again!


  1. Oh no! Thank goodness you found your credit card and all was well.

  2. Oh, I hate when situations like that happen! I am so glad it all worked out!

  3. Oh no! But at least you found the card!


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