Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All those thing you need to get ready...

Oh boy you need a lot of stuff when expecting a baby, I know I have said it before, but it still seems to surprise me. But I'm trying not to go overboard, but I'm really excited so every once in a while I need to buy something the our boy:)

Though right now the department store I'm working in is celebrating their 40Th anniversary, which is done with a lot of great sales. So on Sunday I got a few items to get ready... and the best thing is that it might be cheap, but I get an 8 % discount on all non-food items I buy at our store:) (and 6 % on food items).
So as said on Sunday I got these items...

    A BornFree start set including 4 bottles, a couple of pacifiers, brush for cleaning bottles and a sterilizer for sterilizing the bottles.

    A kids table and 2 chairs, which is actually all buckets with lids, so my boy can store some of his toys in there.

    A baby towel, one of those there has a hat on it.

Today I went shopping again... and got a "snowsuit", because I do remember while working in the clothing department how many parents asked for snowsuits in January, and we had been sold out for months... so I got one today.

Tomorrow our department store is having a 40% sale on all prams and strollers. So even though I had said I wanted to wait a bit longer before buying in, but it's not getting this cheap again, and then the 8% on top of it... well I'm buying a pram tomorrow!

This is not the exact same model I'm getting, but close, the wheels will be a bit bigger and the tray underneath will be netting instead and the pram itself will be a bit bigger. So when February come we will be driving in style!
So now I have to wait a bit before buying more stuff... or well who knows, I might find another really good offer, which will be to good to pass up:)


  1. Ohhh that's a really nice stroller! He is going to be riding in style!

  2. ooo, classy stroller! what a lucky boy. and you know, christmas is coming up, so maybe you won't have to buy everything yourselves. oh, that's also what baby showers are for! you'll be all set by the time he comes, i'm sure. :)

    and thanks for your post today! i probably won't disappear because i'll probably choose blogging over getting my list done. ;)

  3. That pram is awesome! I love baby stuff - although whenever I am at a baby shower, I am amazed at how much they need!

  4. Oh my goodness I love that stroller.

    You're giving me baby fever!

  5. Your having a boy?!?! Yay!!

    I think you have to call it Gareth, in honour of the "pull it, stetch it, chop it in lots of little pieces" conversation!!



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