Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is my Tuesday...

Last week my friend Wendy over at redboots started a new series, I didn't get to participate last week, but this week you can't stop me. The topic this week is Love!

So here it is... This is my Love!

I guess that one is easy:) I hate the picture though, but so far it's the only one I have of my belly. It's a few weeks old, and my husband took it just after I arrive home after working all day Saturday and Sunday, I was just ready to lie on the couch. But I do love my belly... or I guess I love what's inside.

Today I have the day of, but I do have an doctors appointment in about an hour and a half so maybe I should go get ready. So far I have only been eating breakfast, drinking coffee and reading blogs... so I guess a shower is in order next.

I had a long weekend, but I'm proud to say I wasn't nearly as exhausted as last time I worked the entire weekend. And our shelves at the store are now packed with Christmas decorations, of course that puts a smile on my face, and since putting that up all Sunday somehow made the Sunday go by fast.

I also got to the Baby Bazaar on Sunday, but I guess I have bought a lot of stuff all ready so I didn't really buy much. Though there were a lot of toys, but I figured there is going to be a bazaar again in April, so I'll wait a bit with the toys. Though I must say a lot of the clothes people were selling I wasn't too impressed with, it had been washed way too many times, I don't get why you would try and sell that?

Ohh well this is my Tuesday, pop over to redboots and participate, and next weeks theme is vacation, so you can count me in there too:)


  1. Oh, a baby! Congratulations! You look fabulous.

  2. Oh baby belly love. How wonderful!! Now I can't wait until April either. MB

  3. aw what a sweet picture of love! isn't it amazing how your belly grows? around 4 months, we thought our friend was as big as she could possibly get, but she kept growing and growing until one day, she had a baby. and that will soon be you! hooray!! :)

  4. Yay, Connie! Just wait. Kim's right, that belly will just keep on getting bigger. It's so amazing, and baby love really is the best!

  5. Ooh, your baby bump! I love Baby Gareth (as I'm going to call him even if you're not!!)too!!


  6. You look adorable! I love that picture!


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