Sunday, October 3, 2010

A wonderful busy weekend

This weekend is the last in a long time where I didn't have any plans, over the next couple of months I will either be working, we will be a different parties or on vacation.

So when we got up on Saturday we started clearing the room that is going to be the baby's room. My husband drove away with some stuff and I cleaned the room, and then painted it. I had hoped it wasn't necessary since we have hardly used the room, but after clearing everything out it need a bit of paint. The worst part is probably getting everything ready for painting, because after a few hours of painting I was all done!
I still have the closets to clean out, but that is a project for another day:) In the afternoon we were invited to the neighbours, because they had been celebrating her birthday with their families on Friday evening, and had a ton of cheese and crackers leftover from the dessert. And they know if there is something we really love, well then it's cheese and crackers (it was actually the dessert at our wedding, due to my husband not eating ice cream, cake etc.) Eating all the cheese resulted in us not really being hungry for dinner.
Saturday evening was spent on the couch watching TV and just relaxing. Nice change from the many busy weekends to come.
This morning we decided to go out for brunch, which was really nice. Somehow brunch is just a lot better when people are serving you, and you don't have to make it yourself. The bad thing is there are so many things to choose from, and you eat way to much. So I skipped lunch, but I guess that is the idea of brunch anyways!
This afternoon I did all the ironing, which has been growing on me, but after about an hour of ironing, there is nothing left... at least for a few days! Otherwise Sunday has been spent relaxing, watching our local soccer team play, but since we thought it was too cold to go see it, we watched it on TV.
Now my husband has gone to bed, he is starting to feel a bit under the weather. So now I'm just happy I have to work late tomorrow, so I don't have to listen to him whine. How come men a so pathetic when they are sick?


  1. it is life-threatening
    influensa which only men have.

  2. wow, what a productive weekend! and a boy! you're going to be such an awesome mom and that little boy is going to love you so much!

  3. Aww! I love hearing about the baby's room! SO exciting! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!


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