Friday, October 29, 2010

Ready to relax...

Finally the weekend is here, I hate that the pregnancy is making me so tired! But tonight I'm staying on the couch, my husband went out with some old friends from University, so I got the TV all to myself... though nothing really good is on, so now I'm "watching" "Dancing with the stars", not so much watching as it is more background noise...

Tomorrow we are going to the first Christmas party this year, which I'm looking forward to, because by then I will have more energy and will be ready to party all night, well at least I will be able to enjoy all the good food.

The pregnancy has changed a few things in my life, both good and bad! I believe my temper has become a bit more like in my teen years... not a good thing! I have become more crafty... or well I now finish things, not only just start them... a good thing, because I made this and my baby boy is going to be wearing it after he is born...

We are still discussing names, and some people say you don't know what to call him until he is here... I don't know if they are right. But I do know I'm not naming him Gareth.... Wendy! Thanks for the suggestion, but it ain't happening;) I also had a colleague suggest that I would name him Gustav, which is a quite popular name here now, but that ain't happening either because I do believe Gustav the cat will be a bit annoyed having to share his name... and I doubt we need to piss him more off, because he will be annoyed that he will not get all the attention any longer.

On another note I just realised that tomorrow it will be 1 year since I started my blog... wow a lot have happened since, back then I just started writing thinking no one would ever read it, and no I do have a few regular readers, and I'm happy you have been sticking around, and all your comments makes me smile and really feel appreciated, so thank you all:)

I hope you all will have a wonderful Halloween weekend, which I by the way wished would be celebrated more in Denmark... so no dressing up for me this year!

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  1. I can't believe you made that cute outfit for your boy. It's adorable! Congrats on your blog anniversary and have fun at your first Christmas party (isn't it a bit early?)!


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