Monday, June 13, 2011

A photographing weekend...

It's been a long, relaxing and photographing weekend... and best of all it isn't even over yet, because today is a national holiday!

We haven't been doing much, except for taking photos of Jonas... I have been surfing online and was really inspired by a Finnish woman called Adele Enersen she has taken a whole series of pictures of her daughter called "Mila's daydreams", I am telling you she is so talented and creative. I found a lot of pictures via google, she hasn't posted too many on her blog, but you should go check her out here.

So here is a few photos, some inspired by here, and one just because...
A little trip to outer space!
In the whiskey barrel
And I got the laundry done:)

And the best news I got this weekend... well it came to me on Thursday, and I couldn't wait for my husband to come home so I could tell him... and after that I couldn't wait to tell you, but I wanted her to tell you first... but if you haven't seen it yet, well I'm going to tell you:) Wendy is expecting a baby in December... yeah, so she is not only getting a visit from Santa this year, but also from the stork.... isn't that exciting? Congrats Wendy!


  1. aw these are so creative! you two must be having a lot of fun with your baby and camera.

  2. That laundry one is ADORABLE, so cute!


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