Monday, June 6, 2011

Jonas got baptised

On Saturday we celebrated Jonas' baptism... and my birthday. Jonas did amazing in the church, unfortunately we weren't allowed to photograph or record during the ceremony, because I would have loved a recording of what happened.

We got up there, and Jonas was okay, he had been crying or anything... and as soon as the priest looked at him and started talking, he put on his best and biggest smile... which made her loose focus, and every time she said a sentence he smiled even more, so it ended up with her laughing, us laughing and the whole church laughing, it was hilarious. So she ended up saying I guess this didn't turn out all that solemnly, and afterwards when she gave us a bible she told him that she would never forget him. She lost it completely, she tried taking a deep breath, but her hands were shaking from laughing, it would have been so fun to have had that on tape:)

Me and Jonas at the church after the ceremony, not the best picture of me... well the best of those we have from the church the others are awful...

After the church we had lunch and a small celebration at home, and the weather was perfect... well I'm not the one to complain, but maybe it was actually a bit too hot:)

Otherwise I have been busy with getting ready for the party so I haven't had time to read blogs or anything, so soon I will try to catch up... depending on how long Jonas plans on napping, because he has reached another milestone... his first tooth has just broken out and another one is on the way, that combined with the heat makes a bit of an upset baby, though surprisingly he slept through the night... then again he hardly slept at all yesterday.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Way to go Jonas!! And what a great christening story! He'll love hearing about that when he's older! x

  2. Congratulations Jonas and to your family Connie, what a gorgeous story :)

  3. Aw, that's actually a really good photo of you! Congratulation to Jonas on his baptism & his little tooth :)


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