Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 11

It's Wednesday, and you know the drill... today I'm going to talk about the favourite and the least favourite part of the day.

The least favourite part of the day is easy, and if I have to change anything that would be it... I guess it would be stupid to change something I liked...

I absolutely hated that we spent almost 2 hours at the photographer after the church before going to our reception. If we could do it again I would have preferred to spent time with our guests instead. We would have gone to the photographer before the church, I know it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, but honestly I would rather have the time with our guests. My old conductor from the band I played in played at the church, but they had left the reception before we got back... 2 weeks later he was dead, and I never got to thank him... how is that for bad luck?

Driving of to the photographer, little did we know that we would spent 2 hours there!

I know we got really great pictures at the photographer, but we would have had that anyways, and besides my hair might have been even better, because before getting in the car to go to the photographer my husband told me to shake my head to get out some of the rice, but he lent me a helping hand, and messed with my hair... I can still hear every girl outside the church hold their breath, like they were waiting for me to freak out... any other day I probably would have freaked out, but I was just too happy.

The favourite part of the day, well I can't pinpoint just one thing... just spending the day with all of our friends and family, everyone being happy and I had the time of my life... I really wouldn't want to change a thing... well except for the time spent at the photographer.

Dancing the linedance we were taught at my bachellorette party

So that was it for my favourite and least favourite part of the day, luckily the favourite parts outshine the least favourite part so much that I kind of wish we could do it all over again:)


  1. That car is phenomenal! Looks like such a fun day!

  2. oh i'm so sorry about spending all that time with the photographer, and that you never got to thank your conductor. however, i think he probably knew how grateful you were, and he understood how crazy weddings can be for the bride and groom. and i agree, the best times at weddings are always the time spent with all your loved ones.


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