Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 10

Wednesday again, and the topic for this Wedding Wednesday post is the cake and food.

I will start with the cake, since that was the first that were served for our guests. Since my husband doesn't eat much cake (he will eat a chocolate cake, but not fruit, berries or cream) we decided that we would serve that a the reception right after church. Quite often we had been at weddings and were hungry by the time we got to the reception, but had to wait till dinner before eating anything. Besides after a full dinner, then coffee and the "get lost" food in the end, people are often too full to enjoy the cake. So we didn't cut the cake ourselves, and I couldn't care less, our guests loved that they got the cake after church while we were at the photographer. Actually I didn't even taste the cake until the day after... it was covered with white chocolate, had some strawberry filling and the rest I don't remember, but everyone told us it was the best wedding cake they ever had... I think it was partly because they were hungry at the time. We had been looking around for cakes, and I believe that as soon as it says something with Wedding... they will charge you double or more! But our chef knew a guy who could make this one, and it was cheaper than any offers we had, so we took it, and I love it.

Our first course was fish (and I hate to admit it, but I can't remember what kind of fish) I think it was salmon and halibut with some seaweed (kind of like sushi). It tasted really great, and we were happy with our choice.

Our main course was entrecote wrapped in bacon, potato lasagne, vegetables and the best pepper sauce... I went for seconds just because of the sauce... I love food, and well people who say a bride doesn't eat because of her nerves... well they obviously haven't met me:)

Our dessert was a cheese plate (since my husband doesn't eat cake and dessert), and that had a mixed reaction, some loved it and others wished that my husband liked ice cream. But it was our wedding, us who paid and then I guess it was just fair we got something we loved.

After dinner there were served coffee, and in Denmark it's common to serve something for your guests right before they leave. So after the music ended there were some bread and different kind of meat. It's common to call it "get lost" food in Denmark, but I think it's a nice way to end a great party... then again I love my food:)


  1. wow that cake is huge! and it sounds delicious. i also love the cheese plate idea for dessert. i don't like sweets very much and didn't eat any dessert at my wedding... actually i hardly ate anything at my wedding because i was so busy talking and having fun. but if there had been a cheese plate, i would have made time. :)

  2. Your cake was massive! I love how you did the cheese platter and decided it was about what you wanted! Good on you :) Have you received the swap goodies? I'm emailing you the reference number now :)


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