Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Must Haves from Fiji

So back in April I signed up for Krystens Summer Must Haves swap. I was paired up with Vanisha who lives in Fiji... well she lives in both Fiji and Australia... confused? She is from Fiji, but is doing a PhD at the Australian National University, and right now she is back in Fiji doing field work...

For some reason, which can only be blamed on the post office, though I'm not sure in which country... well she send out my package in mid May, but it didn't arrive until this Thursday! For some reason my package has been through the UK to get here. Well it doesn't matter it's here now, and I love it.

When I opened the package there came a really nice fragrance, which turned out to be the soap, pineapple soap to be exact, made in Fiji, actually all the products are made in Fiji. Besides the soap I also got a Sarong (Sulu in Fijian), don't you just love the colours of that? Can't wait for a chance to wear it. Then there was a fan to keep me cool in the heat, a frangipani flower for my hair and a bag to carry it all in... so now I'm ready for the summer... if she would only have sent a small part of the beach from Fiji (which I'm sure are a lot nicer than the Danish beach) it would have been perfect:)

Thank you so much Vanisha! And have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. :) I'm sooo glad that they got there and that you liked them. I posted about the goodies I got from you as well...


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