Friday, July 22, 2011


Inspired by Kim who usually does a post on Fridays of things she is grateful for this week, well this week she hasn't made one, but I am going to:)

My husband having vacation (he has been home for 2 weeks, and has one week left)

Our friends, one of them have help a lot relaying our driveway this week

Spending time with the girls from my midwife group

Jonas being a big boy sleeping in his own room and sleeping through the night

Getting better sleep after Jonas moved into his own room

Jonas getting his 3rd tooth and not being fuzzy about it

Having friends over for dinner tonight

Going to a party with my colleagues tomorrow night

Getting to the gym for the first time since October!

Well that is just a few things I'm grateful for this week! Have a great weekend everyone:)


  1. oh yay! so many great things to be thankful for!! i took a break from it today, but i'm so glad you made your list. being grateful is so contagious!

  2. Jonas is so adorable! Great post, Connie! Happy Weekend!


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