Monday, July 18, 2011

Bye, Bye Babyweight!

Well it's now 4½ months since I gave birth, and well the weight haven't come of yet... everyone told it would come of easy while breastfeeding, which was true the first week or two, because I kept eating and I lost weight... but after a few weeks I still ate, but the weight was no longer coming of! I believe the weight only came off the first few weeks because my body was recovering from giving birth.

So now it's time to get into shape again, I want to get back to my pre pregnancy weight, not that I know exactly what that was, but I do know my ass and my waist is bigger now than before, because I can still not fit into my favorite pair of jeans....

This is the only "before" photo you will get, that is from the day before giving birth, I can't believe I was that big!
The thing is this whole dieting thing has never been my strong side, every time I can keep the diet a few days, and then I tell myself that no one knows that I have failed, so I start again another time... so this time I need you guys to keep my at the game... I figured if I posted my weight here, and made a challenge out of it, posting my progress (well hopefully there will be a progress) every week for the next 12 weeks, well then someone will know if I fail... and I think that might be enough to motivate me:)

But then comes the hard part, I will actually post my weight, which I hate, but trying to tell myself that none of you are using the metric system so you won't really know my weight... yeah I know that isn't completely true, but just let me believe it... okay?

Here we go, "The Bye, Bye Babyweight, 12 week challenge"

My goal weight will be 74 kg, which is around my weight before getting pregnant, I think... yeah I would like to loose more, but I also have to be realistic, so within the 12 weeks that will hopefully be accomplished.

My current weight: 82,8 kg

I have also measured myself, which can NOT be recommended if you don't want a total shock... again I will go with the lie about you not using the metric system. These will only be measured again at the end of the challenge.

Waist: 88 cm

Hip/ass: 111 cm

Thigh: 66 cm

Upper arm: 32 cm

So in order to reach my goal, this coming week I will try to do the following:

Eat smaller portion (stop before I'm completely full)

Go to the gym twice (my husband is home the next 2 weeks, so that should be possible)

Not eat candy (that is a hard one, maybe I should write eat less candy)

I'm not sure how this first week will go, because on Saturday I'm going to a party with my colleagues, and let's face it alcohol is not the best thing for a diet, but I can't keep coming up with excuses for waiting to start this, so on Saturday I will look a bit more lightly on my diet and have fun, but hopefully still loose weight!

Keep your fingers crossed for me to succeed this! Because I really can't afford to buy a totally new wardrobe, and as much as I love leggings, well I can't wear them all the time either!


  1. Go Connie! And you know, after my baby is born I will definitely be coming back to these posts for inspiration - so hopefully that is some incentive for you!!

    I'm a bit concerned about my body already. My belly is relatively small, but for some reason my top half thinks it's Pamela Anderson!! I have grown, and then I have grown some more, and some more and some more on top of that in that department!! I swear, people pay thousands of pounds for these bad boys!! Hopefully they will deflate to a normal size after birth/breast feeding. I live in hope!!

  2. If it's any consolation, it took my sister about 6-8 months to loose her baby weight. She did NOTHING at all (no diet, no exercise), just breastfed, and about 6-8 months after giving birth she weighed less than she had before giving birth. She was skinnier than me! So, I think that 4.5 months is too soon. Not that exercise or eating health is a bad thing, just don't get discouraged about not being at your pre-pregnancy weight - I think you still have plenty of time!

  3. woo-hoo, you can do it! i think your weight is totally normal after having a baby. it takes time to get back to how things were after being pregnant. with that said, everyone i know who exercised a lot after giving birth said the same thing: "i have so much more energy to chase my kid around now!" so that will be an added bonus. :)

  4. You can do it, Connie! We will all be here for you, cheering you along the way!!!


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