Sunday, July 3, 2011

The job situation...

Well I spent the rest of Monday and all of Tuesday wondering what was going on at my work place... why did we all have to come in on Wednesday morning?

Late in the afternoon on Tuesday our HR manager called me to inform me about everything, so I actually ended up not going in on Wednesday. But the position I had before going on maternity leave... well by September that doesn't exist any more! Well not completely true, because there was 7 of them, and by September there is only 2, and they will be a bit different, so I'm no longer interested in it, which doesn't really matter because I guess I wasn't considered for that position! The HR department will be closed down in the store, and will only exist at the main office for the whole chain.

So quite a few changes will be made, but I haven't been fired... Yeah for maternity leave, they don't dare to fire you, because they know they will be sued by the union! So I have a job when I get back in March, but I don't know what I'll be doing, and right now I don't really care!

They have treated people very poorly in my opinion... the boss of the department store in our city said that they will find jobs for everyone affected... yeah right, that is why a girl who has worked there for 13 years was told to take a position that will only last for a year... she asked if she could think about, but that was her only choice, well that or being fired. Another girl was offered another position which was a demotion and she had to take a pay cut, she also asked if she could think about it, to which they had said "yeah for 30 seconds" and one of the guys was fired and not even being offered another position as promised.... I know a lot of those who got another position are now looking for another job, and I really don't want to go back, but hey it will be 8 months before I have to and a lot can have changed before then.

So I kept my job so far, which is more than my husband can say! On Thursday he got home, and had been let go because the company hadn't reached their budgets and were firing a few people, unfortunately one of them was my husband! Though he still have 3 months left, and there is quite a few job listings right now, so we are trying to stay positive, and hoping this way he will find something closer so home, so he won't have to commute 50 minutes each way... besides he was getting tired of the job he had, but it would have been nice to have something else before having been fired!

So this whole job situation kind of stinks right now... I try not to worry about my job yet, since so much can still happen, but keeping my fingers crossed that my husband will find a great job soon:)

Ohh sorry for the long post! Happy 4th of July weekend USA!


  1. Oh my, that's got to be so frustrating! Keeping my fingers crossed that everything's okay!

  2. oh that's so awful, i'm sorry! it seems to be a horrible time for finding and keeping jobs all over the world. i hope you like the position you have when you go back, or that you'll find something even better. and i hope your husband finds something good soon too!

  3. Oh no, I hope something wonderful comes your (and your husbands) way soon. Thinking of you....

  4. Hello again! Stay positive - it might have a much happier ending than you imagined! Everytime I have been 'finished' in a job, its actually been a huge blessing in the long run!
    Cheers, Karen

  5. Oh no - that is so scary!!! I hope it all works out in the end and your husband finds something closer to home and you either find another job or like the job you have when you return. Just relax and enjoy your time with Jonas!

  6. I'm glad you still have a job after all of that! I hope your husband finds something soon - will definitely keep in you my thoughts!


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