Monday, July 25, 2011

Bye Bye Babyweight, week 1

So the first week of my weight loss challenge is over, and what can I say.... the no candy rule, well I can't do that until I grow a backbone... though I have been eaten less candy than usual, and every time I took a piece I had a nagging thought not to do it, so I guess that is a step in the right direction! I didn't write no cake, no chips etc. and I only had cake once, that was then I met up with the girls from my midwife group, but it had carrots on top, so I guess it was kind of healthy:) I had some chips Friday night, not much, a little Saturday night as well when I was at a work party. Ohh I guess I had cake twice, but who can say no to a brownie for dessert? And then on Sunday, well I wasn't hungover, but I was tired as h... and well the chips was sitting on the counter calling my name... but I was watching the Tour De France... so someone was working out, does that count?

I did manage to go to the gym twice last week, and I felt amazing afterwards. I have been sweating a whole lot, but it's really not as bad going to the gym as I remember, so I'm still motivated to keep working out.

I have also been eating more fruits and vegetables than I'm usually doing, and I have been eaten smaller portions, so that is a bit in the right direction as well.

But here is the truth told by my scale!

Last weeks weight: 82,8 kg

This week weight: 82,7 kg

Loss/Gain: -0,1 kg

Which really sucks... so I guess I have to try even harder this week!

My goal for the next week is:

Going to the gym twice (my husband is home this week too, but we have a lot to get done, so I hope I will get to go twice)

Again eat smaller portions

Try once again to cut out candy, though that one is sooo hard

So hopefully this week will go a bit better, I haven't lost my motivation yet, but the weight better start coming off soon, otherwise I might not be able to motivate myself!


  1. You're doing well, lady! 0.1kg is a start!

    Good luck on the no chocolate thing! My midwife thinks I've got pregnancy diabetes, so I've not had chocolate or anything sweet since Wednesday. At all! For the first few days it was all I wanted, but since last night I've turned a corner and not craving sweet things any more!

  2. i think you're going great. it takes time to lose weight, and no one would see a difference after the first week. it's all about setting up some healthy habits so over the coming months and years you can lose the weight and be really healthy. so way to go!!

  3. Wow Connie, that's quite an accomplishment though. Would not having any candy in the house help? That usually works for me. My hubs and I have also stopped eating out which is healthier but we're saving money as well (we were quite big on dinners and brunch).


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