Friday, July 29, 2011


For almost 5 months Jonas and I have pretty much been attached to each other, everywhere I go he goes, and if he is not with me he is with his daddy. But not today... this morning we dropped him of at my husbands sister so she could babysit for a few hours while we went to Germany to do a little shopping (beer and sodas are a lot cheaper there, and our Survivor party is coming up). Since Jonas don't have a passport yet, he couldn't go, so he stayed with Auntie Tina and her boyfriend.

We tried to take a passport photo of Jonas so we can get his passport, which for sure aren't easy, but we have few funny pictures, I think he was about to sneeze in this one:)

We hadn't been driving for more than 15-20 minutes, before both of us had turned our head to check the car seat... but there was no baby, that was a bit weird. We have gotten so used to having him with us, that it felt so strange to be alone!

He had behaved nice most of the time, except when he pulled the hair of her guinea pig, Elvis:) He had become a bit tired, but with a little help from the stroller he is easy to get to sleep, so they had enjoyed babysitting him, and offered to do it again, so I guess they weren't too scared. Though Jonas was happy to see us again, I was getting big hugs and he cuddled in my arms when I picked him up, so I guess he miss us as much as we missed him:)

It 's funny how your life can change so much in a few short months, but I love my "new" life!


  1. aw that's so sweet! i can imagine how strange it must be to be with him ALL the time and then to leave him with a sitter. life with a child really does change so much, but it's good you love that change.

  2. That is such a gorgeous picture of Jonas! I'm not too sure what else to say because I don't have children yet but I guess it couldn't be easy not having him with you. Have a great weekend Connie :)

  3. hehe.... he does look like he is about to sneeze how cute!

  4. Hold da op hvor er din søn sød :O) Tillykke med ham og dit nye liv som mor. Vi ses måske igen.
    A xx


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