Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Survivor Party 2011

This Saturday we had our annual Survivor Party, and we were so lucky with the weather, it was probably the only day with sunshine and hardly any rain in the last 2 weeks. Ahead of time the two teams usually get an assignment, and the winner will get the brunch and loosers will have cornflakes. This year their assignment was to find a leader on each team, and dress up the leader. The red team chose to dress one of the guys up as a female politician from the labour party. On his purse and boots they had written Gucci, which was a big story years ago because journalist didn't think she related to her voters. The red team should have won, but then again last year the blue team should have won... but due to me being pregnant we had another fun way telling them, and the red team won last year, so this year we named the blue team the winners.

The red team eating their cornflakes and oatmeal... they were definitely not satisfied, but that is part of the game:)
The blue team got brunch with eggs, bacon, pancakes etc. It's funny how people can get mean when it get to this... all couples are split up, so if the wife is on the red team her husband will be on the blue team. So one guy on the blue team yell to his wife "aren't you mad we didn't eat at home..."

Well after breakfast in was on to the games. We had found a lot of inspiration from the show "A minute to win it" which Meghan recommended, after she told me about it and I found some games... well then they started talking about it coming on Danish TV this fall... This game they had to hoist an m&m laying on 2 pencils, by pulling yarn behind their ears.

Here they had to transport empty beercans from one chair to another using a spaghetti... the red team lost again... they couldn't stop laughing, so they couldn't get the spaghetti through the hole.

The blue team was quite fast at getting the hang of it, maybe the blue hair helped.

The red team all had wigs or hats, the rest of the team got tired of my brother not hearing what they said and thought it was because his wig was in his ears to they gave him a haircut... they said he always wanted a mohawk, so he got one:)

Well Jonas has a "nice" uncle who thought he should try his hair... doesn't he look just a little cute?

One of the games they had to walk on stilts... again the red team lost, on the picture the blue team is all ready on their way back...

They also played soccer with "binoculars" made from empty toilet rolls, I think it was more fun to watch than play, but that was one of the few games the red team won.
Here they had to move cotton with their face... no use of the hands, well except to put vaseline on their faces, also a game that was more fun to watch that play I guess...

Between games it was time for drinking and having fun... and well I don't know if the red team should have chosen this guy as their leader instead... he got pretty drunk during the day, and ended up switching clothes with one of the girls...

The winning team with their champagne...

The losing team... but honestly if you didn't see the champagne doesn't the red team look like they won? I definitely think they were drinking more and maybe having more fun... at least they did more crazy things...

I just love these parties... and I think the reason so many of our friends love them as well is that once a year they get to behave like kids and play games... and just be foolish.

I am all ready looking forward to next year, and have a few games planned all ready:)


  1. This would have been one awesome party to attend. It looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. This looks like a wonderful party! Congratulations on a job so well done <3

  3. this is so awesome!! you and all your friends are so awesome for remaining dedicated to this too. if i ever make it over to denmark, i really hope it's during your survivor party. :)


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