Monday, August 22, 2011

Bye Bye Babyweight, week 5

Hmmm... another Monday, another time on the scale! Let's just get right to it!

Last weeks weight: 81,5 kg

This weeks weight: 81,4 kg

Gain/loss: -0,1 kg

Honestly what the h... is happening here? Why can't I loose the weight? I was drinking diet shakes Monday-Friday instead of eating breakfast and lunch, they don't taste very good and I feel really hungry and I guess I threw it all away during the weekend! Yeah we went to my mums birthday (which by the way is today, Happy 70th birthday Mum), we went to brunch, and I tried to convince myself that I didn't eat all that much... but let's be honest if you aren't really hungry at dinnertime, well then you ate plenty at brunch, and that didn't keep me from eating a lot for dinner anyways....

Besides I only got around to use the wii once last week, I guess it took a few days for me to get over the Survivor Party. So when I turned on the Wii My Fitness Coach on Thursday the bitch told me "long time no see, you were suppose to have been here on Tuesday"... hey this is a game, you're not suppose to make me feel guilty! But the Wii Zumba, well I don't really have the rhythm for it, and the Wii Fit doesn't really allow you to make a program, so at the moment I guess I have to stick with the bitch at My Fitness Coach:)

But this week I will again replace my breakfast and lunch with a diet shake, and since we have my brothers housewarming party on Friday and a block party on Saturday, I guess I will have to try and eat less, and go for the healthy choices... and plan something for dinner on Sunday, so we won't end up picking up Burger King like last night (yeah I know that was probably also a part of the low weight loss this week). I will also try to meet up with "My Fitness Coach" twice this week, I don't want her to tell me off once again. My walk with another mum has been cancelled this week, since we are going to the movies on Thursday instead (once a month they have "take your baby to the movies- day, where they set up changing stations, bottle heaters, lower the sound and accept crying babies), but instead I actually walked to pick up groceries today, it took me 30 minutes each way, and with the sun shining it was a really nice walk:)

Hoping this will be a good week to loose some weight, and just looking forward to getting past the next weekend, because then we don't have a lot of plans for a couple of weekends, which mean I can probably eat a bit healthier during the weekend as well:)


  1. this reminds me of how long it took for jonas to come. remember all those days and weeks of just waiting? it's sort of like this too. it will happen, it just might not happen as soon as you'd like it to. i'd say exercising more is probably going to help the weight go faster than using diet shakes. if the wii is being a real bitch then try to get out more on walks like you did with grocery shopping or go window shopping at a shopping center? you could also plan to do 30 jumping jacks every time you change a diaper. that will help you fit in a LOT of exercise in a short amount of time throughout the day {since i'm guessing you change a lot of diapers}. :)

  2. I know losing weight is so frustrating. I'm in the same boat right now. I work so hard during the week and the weekend seems to undo all of it. Hang in there, it always takes time!

  3. Hang in there Connie. I have no idea about losing weight, as I'm actually trying to put some on! And nothing is working!!!


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