Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This and that

Well this will be a post about a little of this and that...

Friday Jonas started his baby swimming class, and he really enjoyed it, and so did we:) People often talk about how you feel lighter in water... well I have never really thought of it, then again I didn't really go swimming during my pregnancy (which probably the time I would really have felt lighter in water), but after having been in the water and going up the stairs with Jonas on my arm, well he suddenly felt really heavy. Well I did actually go swimming when I was almost 6 months pregnant, when we went to Punta Cana, but I guess since I had a really easy pregnancy I didn't feel much of a difference to whether I was in the water or not... except from when I had to get out of the water, I had to use the stairs I couldn't just jump up the side of the pool:)

Speaking of Punta Cana, we went there to attend the wedding of this cute couple...

and just the other day I got a e-mail from her, and guess what? She is pregnant:) And the funny thing about it... she is due on Jonas' first birthday! But I know better than anyone, that the due date is not necessarily the date you give birth, but it's still a bit fun:)

As mentioned before this Monday my Mum turned 70, and we celebrated her birthday on Saturday. The brass band I used to play in wanted to come a surprise her, which was really fun. I went in first with my horn, and said that I hadn't prepared a speech, but I wanted to play a song instead... the look on my mums face was priceless. She tried to look like she was really happy about it, but you could see she was thinking "is she really going to do this, and will that be any good?" thanks mum! Well then I said, "no not by myself, I brought along some friends" and the rest of the band came in, and she seemed to relax a bit... did she really think I would play solo? and if I did, did she really think I would be that bad, so I would embarrass myself?

Well I guess that will be it, enjoy the rest of the week:)


  1. Baby swim classes - how fun! And what a nice surprise with the band. My mom would do the same thing - she always says something like - are you sure Kattrina? You can just do something simpler... That's her nice way of saying - please don't embarrass yourself!

  2. aw he looks so happy in the water! that's really cute. and a big happy birthday to your mum! that's awesome you serenaded her with an entire brass band. regardless of what she thought, i think that's really special.

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  4. Ohmigoodness he is SO CUTE!!!!! Baby swim classes are something I'm excited for. I hope our LO loves the water too. :)

    Congrats to your friend and happy birthday to your mum!!

  5. Your surprise for you mum was wonderful!


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