Monday, August 29, 2011

Bye Bye Babyweight, week 6

Monday = Time to jump on the scale!

So let's just get right to it:

Last weeks weight: 81,4 kg

This weeks weight: 80,2 kg

Loss/gain: -1,2 kg

Finally I get some action! I'm ready for another week!

I'm totally okay with this weeks result, since on Thursday I went to the movies, and you can't go to the movies without candy, well at least I can't. Friday was my brothers house warming party, but since we had decided to drive home instead of spentdng the night I guess I didn't drink much alcohol, and Saturday night we had a block party, which meant quite a bit of alcohol... I was asked if I was on any medicine this year, because last year I hadn't told people that I was pregnant at the time of the block party so I said I was on some medicine that didn't mix well with alcohol, because I had got sick from all the ac mixed with warm weather and a long flight home from our vacation! So this year I wasn't on any "medicine", so I got quite a bit of wine etc. Which I doubt is good on any diet.

But this week and the coming weekend we don't have any parties to attend, so hopefully that means I can eat a bit more healthy and no alcohol to mess things up. Besides that I have too long walks planned (that is the great thing about only having 1 car), so tomorrow I'm meeting with the girls from my midwives group, and it takes about 50 minutes each way to walk to her house, but it will be good exercise, I'm just hoping it won't be raining that bad tomorrow, otherwise I will have to dig out my rain wear! On Wednesday I'm meeting with the other mothers group, but that is only 30 minutes walk each way, but still some exercise:)

Otherwise I'll try to eat healthier, but I'm skipping the diet shakes for now, but I have them if I need an easy meal at some point, but after a while they get boring. But this being week 6 means I'm halfway through... but not halfway through my weight loss, I lost 2,6 kg since I started, but still have 6,2 kg left to go... I'm not sure I get there at the end of my challenge, but if I'm just getting the right direction I will be okay with it, and I will be super happy being under 80 kg again, which hopefully will be next week, but then again I have also pulled some small numbers, so I might not be until week 8 I will be under 80 kg.


  1. Good for you. Small steps are always the best!

  2. Good job Connie! :) The walking this week sounds good! Cuddles for Jonas <3

  3. Good job!! You are going to be back to pre-baby weight in no time. I might have to hit you up for some tips when the time comes for me to do the same. :)

  4. congrats connie! just keep taking those long walks, that will make a huge difference in time.


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  6. That's awesome! Parties and drinking can really make losing weight hard, so that's even more impressive you lost!


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