Monday, August 1, 2011

Bye Bye Babyweight, week 2

Well it's Monday again, and time to jump on the scale... I was really fearing it this week! I'm really proud of myself for hardly eating any candy, I had a few pieces of licorice on Monday night, and a few winegums on Friday, I didn't eat any cake at all this week... but we did eat out quite a bit this week, and that is not good for eating smaller portions, because if it's on the plate, well then I'm really bad at leaving it there...

I did manage to go to the gym twice this week, but after eating out so much, I didn't think I would have done much good. So I was dreading my meeting with the scale this morning, and if it wasn't because Jonas wanted to get up, when I might have stayed in bed to avoid the scale:)

Here we go, the truth told by my scale!

Last weeks weight: 82,7 kg

This weeks weight: 81,7 kg

Loss/gain: -1,0 kg

Yeah... I lost a whole kilo! I think this will motivate me to eat less candy and cake again this week:) I will also try to go to the gym, but since Frank started working again this week, I will probably only manage to go once. But I will try to do a Zumba fitness workout on the wii during Jonas' naptime.

So this week I'm definitely even more motivated to keep going, and hopefully soon the babyweight will be gone!


  1. You have Zumba on Wii?! Ahh jealous! I'm sure you'll be just fine once you get the Zumba going. I'm so excited for you Connie!

  2. oh i've always wanted to try zumba. congrats on losing a kilo! some things that helped me stay motivated was finding healthier things that i could eat/do whenever i was craving candy or feeling lazy. so when i wanted sweets i would eat dried fruit instead, and when i wanted to just sit and watch tv i made myself hula hoop or lift weights while i watched it instead of just sitting there. congrats again, and good luck this week!

  3. Congrats, girl! You can totally do it! Keep up the good work.


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