Monday, August 8, 2011

Bye Bye Babyweight, week 3

So it's Monday, and time to jump on the scale! This week started out really great, I did the zumba, ate healthy, ate no candy or cake (and best of all didn't really have the urge for it either). But then came Thursday afternoon... Thursday morning I took Jonas to his 5 months check up, and the vaccination gave him a fever and made him fuzzy, which meant he didn't really want to sleep... and he didn't sleep at night time either, which meant no sleep for his mommy! So Friday I needed sugar to keep going and I ate cake. Losing one nights of sleep just takes me a few days to catch up on (I'm really bad at sleeping during the day), so I didn't eat healthy and I had chips and cake, no candy though. The lack of energy also caused me not going to the gym, but it did manage to push in an extra zumba workout on the wii, Jonas likes to watch me jump around, I'm just glad he has no words yet:)

So to the truth:
Last weeks weight: 81,7 kg

This weeks weight: 81,6 kg

Loss/gain: -0,1 kg

At least it's a loss, which is more than what I expected after the end of this week.

My goals this week is again to eat no candy (I am actually able to do this:))

2 workouts on the wii (I will not be going to the gym this week, since we have the Survivor party coming on Saturday, which will mean some alcohol and unhealthy eating, I might try to keep it to a minimum... as if I could do that)

1 hour of walking with the pram (I'm meeting with my mommy group, and we meeting 30 minutes walk from here, so we will walk on Wednesday)

So as long as I won't gain weight this week I'll be happy. Have any of you ever tried any of those weight loss products where you replace a meal by a shake? I don't know if I should try it, but I really love my food... and I doubt those shakes tastes very well!

And please keep you fingers crossed for great weather on Saturday, I would love for it to be nice and sunny though right now it seems like I should just be happy with no rain. Though it changes depending on which website we check!


  1. oh that's so good you have a mommy group to go walking with! having other people to keep you motivated is so helpful. we use those shakes with our clients at the eating disorder clinic. they're great ways to help get nutrients into people, but they are definitely not satisfying. i would say give it a try and see if it works for you. it they don't work, i would suggest making your normal food, only give yourself slightly smaller portions. that way you still get to eat the foods you like, but you'll be cutting back on the amount of calories. start slowly too. maybe the first week only make your portions 1-2 spoonfuls smaller. then next week you can make it 3 spoonfuls smaller, and so forth. it will just take time to lose the baby weight, but you'll get there. goooooo connie!! :)

  2. I'm in the opposite situation to you, I'm trying to put on weight lol. I think you're doing such a great job Connie. Getting out to go walking with other mums sounds like a great idea too :)

  3. you are my hero!!! but i'm sure you are beautiful as you are. my fingers are def. crossed for you love! xo


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