Monday, August 15, 2011

Bye, Bye Babyweight, week 4

Monday again, and last week my goal was just not to gain weight this week. During the week I did manage to use the wii twice, I did the 1 hour walk with another mum and I did eat a few m&m's this weekend during our survivor party, but otherwise I didn't eat candy, but I did eat cake and chips, and unhealthy food. So if we had not had the party I think I would have done pretty well, but the party was so much fun, I will post pictures later this week:)

Back to the scale:
Last weeks weight: 81,6 kg

This weeks weight: 81,5 kg

Loss/gain: -0,1 kg

Only a small loss, but at least I didn't gain any, and this week I'm ready for revenge:)

I have bought these diet shakes, and have decided not to follow it completely, because I love my food and I could not live of those only. So I have decided that Monday-Friday this week I will replace my breakfast and lunch with these shakes, and if I feel like more I will eat fruit. Our dinner will still be real food... I bet Frank would be a little pissed if I served him a diet shake for dinner!

I will try to use the wii twice again this week, and I will be going for a walk with one of the other mums as well and Friday Jonas will start his swimming classes... though I don't think that will count as exercise, just humiliation by having to get in a swimming suit!

On Saturday we are going to my parents place to celebrate my mum's 70th birthday (though that isn't until Monday), and instead of a big party she has invited all the guests for brunch at a little inn nearby their house... so no way I will replace my breakfast and lunch with a shake during the weekend:)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Go Connie! You're doing so well! Have you thought about cutting certain types of meat out of your diet, maybe just going with white meat - fish...What a great start to the week!

  2. What do you do on the Wii? Wii Fit? I love it! It can be a great workout! Keep it up, girl!


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