Friday, September 9, 2011

Good Vibes, please!

Please send good vibes our way during the next week or so... my husband didn't the get the last job he interviewed for, I guess you had all ready figured that since I hadn't mentioned anything about it.

Anyways he has 2 interviews the coming week! One on Monday, which is a second interview, though that one is really far away, so he will have an even longer drive than he does now. The other one is on Thursday and is right here in town, only 5-10 minutes drive from home, so that would be perfect. And to top it all of... a guy called today, he had seen my husbands CV online, and asked him to send him an application letter! Though that is a bit far away as well, but he can take the highway there so it won't take as long as the first one, which is only smaller roads, which means more traffic!

So I hope the coming week will land him a job, even if it's further away, I will be really happy if he gets a job... because let's face it by October 1st he doesn't have a job, and my maternity leave salary isn't really much.... we will manage, but it won't be much fun. So please keep your fingers crossed that he gets one of the jobs, preferably the one here in town:)


  1. Sending you lots of good vibes! Good luck!

  2. Sending lots of luck and love! :)

  3. Fingers crossed and happy thoughts coming your way <3

  4. Oh Connie, my fingers and toes are completely crossed for you both! Especially for the job in town! xx

    ps: I think I would have got into trouble from the grandparents to be if I put that photo on the internet - beyond Facebook!!

  5. I'm thinking of you and your husband. Hope he gets the job close to home! Good luck to him!

  6. oh sending good vibes your way this week!


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