Monday, September 12, 2011

Bye Bye Babyweight, Week 8

Well this week I shouldn't call it bye bye, more like hello birthday weight! Here is the truth!

Last weeks weight: 80,0 kg

This weeks weight: 80,3 kg

Loss/gain: +0,3 kg

And I blame my sister in law:) She invited us for her boyfriends birthday yesterday, and she had been baking all day, so 4 different homebaked goodies were on the table... and I have good manners, so of course I had to taste everything! So I guess I blame my parents too for raising me with good manners:) But you know what, it tasted delicious!

But honestly, I don't really care that I failed big time this week, because on the job front it looks even better for my husband now. He has yet another interview on Thursday, so 3 interviews within a week... hopefully that will land him a job. So I'm just too happy about this that a small gain can't bring me down... I guess I just have to work harder and eat less the coming week.

I did actually manage to fit in 2 long walks (1 hour) and a short one (30 minutes) last week, I wish I could do so again this week, but I'm not sure because the weather is really bad at the moment, so maybe I should bring out the Wii again!

Have a great week everyone, and keep your fingers crossed for my husband to land a job:)


  1. Well sometimes you can't help but forget about losing weight for a little while lol.

  2. No biggie, there's always next week ;) The purpose in life is to be happy!


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