Monday, September 5, 2011

Bye Bye Babyweight, week 7

Monday again, so let's just get to it!

Last weeks weight: 80,2 kg

This weeks weight: 80,0 kg

Gain/loss: -0,2 kg

Okay not the biggest loss, but I must admit I didn't really watch what I was eating this week, I have been eating cake, candy etc. so a little weight loss is definitely okay:) Before falling asleep last night I was trying to convince myself that no matter what it had been a good week, because you know what? I can now fit into my pre pregnancy jeans! YEAH!!! Okay not completely comfortably the first day, the thing about jeans is they stretch as you wear them, and right now they fit best on day 2 or 3, so a few more kilos will be good, but nonetheless they fit!

I had 2 long walk last week, on Tuesday I was meeting with my midwife group of girls, and walked there and back which was almost an hour each way... so since I had walked there I convinced myself it was okay to have piece of the chocolate cake:) Wednesday I met up with my mothers group, which was 40 minutes walk there and 30 minutes back! How did that happen? Well Jonas was really tired so I left a bit earlier than I was suppose to, so he could fall asleep in the pram, and took another road than I usually do... and well it was a bit longer and I got a bit lost... well not really lost, just ended up the wrong place first!

This week the mothers group is coming here, so I have no walks planned, but I will try to do some by myself, even though I'm not going anywhere! And I will try to watch a bit more what I am eating... though Sunday I will have cake, because we are going to my sister in laws boyfriends birthday.

Have a great week everyone:)


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