Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why not to watch "Desperate Housewives" with men...

We visited some friends last night, and Wednesday night is "Desperate Housewives" night here, that is a show I don't want to miss, and the friends we visited, well she feels the same way... but our husbands don't!

Well we are probably a bit behind compared to the USA, but last nights episode Gabrielle had to explain to Carlos why she spent $800 at a doll shop... my friends husband say "isn't he blind?", what do you think, he is reading the bank statement? Yeah I'm pretty sure he isn't... he goes on "but he used to be blind, didn't he?" yeah he used to be blind... like 3 or 4 seasons ago, get in the game! A little later he asks why she cares so much for the doll, and you try to explain the whole Juanita vs. Grace situation, while trying to keep up with this new episode... after having explained it he says "I don't get it!" to which his wife says "Well do you really care?".

I now know why I used to ban my husband from the living room an hour on Wednesday nights... though now my challenge is usually to get Jonas to sleep before the show comes on, otherwise he is not my child for that hour on Wednesday night, that hour is mom's time:) And well just in case I have started to record it, so I can always watch it again later:)


  1. Too funny! My husband likes to talk the entire time during my shows and it drives me crazy!! When he's watching TV he shoos me away when I get in front of the TV and then acts all offended when tell him to be quiet while trying to watch mine. Boys are crazy!

  2. So funny! I've missed so many episodes of Desperate Housewives that I've stopped watching altogether!

  3. oh no! haha. people talking during my favorite shows is such a pet peeve of mine. hold your questions until the end please! :)


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