Thursday, September 15, 2011

Election Day!

3 weeks ago they set the date of today for the Danish population to go voting! Ever since they have all been campaigning, and I must admit it feels more like 3 months than 3 weeks.

So today I went to vote, and are really glad it's almost over. Though our prime minister might not be the same after today... which I'm not super happy about. Our parliament consists of 179 members, and the one who in the end will have 90 members or more pointing to them for prime minister will get "the job". Which is fair and very democratic, but the polls are right now pointing to the "wrong" side if you ask me, but it's so close that they are talking about it might come down to the 4 members from Greenland and Faeroe Islands (2 from each).

Election 2011 via

Right now there are 9 parties in the parliament, and just a little more than 50% point to the blue block (we got block policy in Denmark) which is the liberals, but after today the majority might be in the red block (the democrats)...

The thing is the woman the red block is pointing to be the prime minister (which means the first female prime minister in Denmark) well she doesn't exactly act like a democrat. She says people have to support the public school system and put their kids in public school, all while her kids are in private schools. And there has been several stories about her not paying her tax, because her husband is British and is not the Denmark most of the time, well a bit complicated to explain. So as cool as I think it would be with a female prime minister, well I just hope it's not going to be her and not now... and I know there is stories about the liberal leader as well, that's another reason I'm happy election day is here, because the dirt tossing will be over for a while then:)


  1. Voting just amazes me sometimes. I really love politics and find it interesting but I try to keep my mouth shut about it because... well, it causes arguments!

  2. This has been super informative! Thanks, Connie!


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