Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I can't wait till November...

Remember I got the wedding invitation to an old friend of mines wedding in Punta Cana the Dominican Republic in November? Well I have just made reservation for us at the fabulous Dreams resort in Punta Cana. Well have been writing the wedding planner, which is so American, not something we really use in Denmark. Well tonight I have also called her, which I figured would be no problem, I never really had too much problem speaking English, especially not after living a year in Washington D.C.

But I must say its one thing writing in English, but suddenly having to speak it, when its not something I do everyday any longer, it was a bit harder getting my tongue working with me. And it definitely didn't get better with me having to spell through my name, my husbands name and our entire address, lets face it the alphabet is not my strong side in English. But I think I managed to spell everything right, and we are now just waiting for our confirmation from the resort. And we need to book the flight, which we might be waiting a bit to do, since the tickets usually gets a bit cheaper the closer we get to the date.

So in November I will be here:
Attending the wedding of these two:

I have actually never met him, but since she chose him he must be a nice, charming, smart, fun and fab guy, so I can't wait to get to know him.


  1. Umm, AMAZING WEDDING LOCATION! Feel free to score me an invite, too:)

  2. oooo... that's going to be such an awesome spot for a wedding. And such a great vacation spot for you! I'm jealous! :)

  3. My friends honeymooned at that resort!! They had the most amazing time. I know you will too. Ahhh I love destination weddings. :)

    I am fully jealous of your vacation!

  4. Can I come too? I can fit into your bag, I'm sure!!


    ps: Connie, you speak better English than me! People could understand you much better than they ever could understand me when we were in Slovenia! And I honestly swear, I thought you were American when I first met you!!

  5. Thanks Wendy, though thats quite some years ago, and since I'm not speaking English as much anymore I don't feel so fluent. But I do remember having to repeat what you said for people to understand your wonderful scottish accent:)


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