Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm a Ranger...

Or at least I tried to be last night!
Remember I blogged about going to the Ranger Fitness Class? Well that was last night, and it was hard... but lots of fun, and I will for sure go again. We started warming up with some boxing, running through the gravel etc.
Then it was time for trying out the track... first crawling under a net, then under, over, under and over some logs, then pulling yourself up an oblique wall and jumping about 2 meters down, then over some bars, and a few meters of monkey bars, then up a rope latter and down on the other side, then a short run on stumps, walking on a rope, and then the worst over the big A, which was so high, that kinda scared me on the top. After that over a 180 cm wall, then walking the line off logs and finally over the last bar.
I was super exhausted after the first try, and was sure I wasn't gonna give it a second try, but in the end I did... but my first time was my fastest, only 4 minutes and 8 seconds, some of the other girls took over 15 minutes since they were scared of heights, and lets face it there were quite a few times there was something with heights. But one girls only took 1 minute and 56 seconds to run through, damn she was fast. The track record is held by a young boy who could do the track in only 58 seconds... can you believe it? He must be flying or something! Well to beat his time I only need to take 3 minutes and 10 seconds off my time... No problem! Yeah right I will never be that fast, but its okay, I hope to come under 4 minutes at some point!
Today I can feel some new muscles in my arms and legs, but its not as bad as I had expected, so the overall conclusion of this is that I will be going again!
Ohh and we ended the night with cake... one of the girls had baked a really nice chocolate cake, just what you need after working out for 1½ hour:)


  1. That's the one time you can really eat cake with gusto and NOT feel guilty, after working out for a few hours! Hope you enjoyed every morsel...

  2. WOW! Congrats on such an awesome accomplishment. And celebrating with cake = perfect!

  3. AH! You're so inspirational! That sounds intense. Don't worry, you'll definitely meet your time of 4 min. in the future. It may take a little time to build up to that, but you are clearly well on your way!


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