Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm such a pushover...

I feel like I'm such a pushover, but in a good way this time:) At the gym where I'm a member they have this ranger fitness class, its a military obstacle course, and so far I haven't dared joining in for a class, I kinda want to but I'm afraid its too hard. But last night my next door neighbour talked me into joining her for a class, but its not until the 22nd of March, so I have little time getting use to the idea. Though the good thing about this class is that on the 22nd it only for women, so it might not be too embarrassing. But I should probably cancel all plans on the 23rd since I might not be able to move... so I'm excited and scared at the same time...

A few pics via, though not the best quality.


  1. Wow! That sounds like quite the class! Can't wait to hear how it goes - good luck!

  2. Woah! That looks like a LOT of fun, but also definitely really hard! : ) You can do it! Ra-Ra-Ra!


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