Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I feel appriciated:)

Is there a better feeling than feeling appreciated and missed? Since changing job on February 1st to a different department I have been told by several times by my old employees that they are missing me. Today it was published that this one guy who had another leading position in my old department had quit. I was never able to work with him, I have always seen myself as an easy person to work with, and I usually accept a lot of b.s. from others, but this guy was just different. We only worked together for 3 months, but that just didn't work. So I'm happy to see him go, but I guess I'm not the only one. One of "my girls" (I know that they aren't my girls any longer, but in my heart they still are) had cheered when they were told that he was quitting, and asked if they couldn't get me back then. Every time I ran into one of them today they asked if I was coming back, and that they missed me. So I feel good, that just confirms that my way off being "the boss" is the right way for me, they might not always agree with my way off doing things, but in the long run I'm doing good. A former boss of mine once told me that I was allowed to be more of a bitch from time to time, she said that "you always do so much good, so even then you demand a bit more you won't go in minus, the employees gives you way more plusses in their book, and they will definitely forgive you for a minus or two", and I guess she was right.
So today I might be tired from lack of sleep, but I'm even happier from being appriciated:)

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