Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring seems to have arrived

The spring is here to stay, the sun has been shining, the flowers starts to bloom and we have been riding the motorcycle. All things are true signs that spring is here.

On Thursday the sun was shining and it was 17 degrees Celsius, though the high degrees didn't stay, the spring is still here. On Thursday night I has my first ride this year on our motorcycle... well on my husbands motorcycle to be correct. We went for a drive and that is for sure a sign that the spring is here, and summer is only a few months away:)

I love sitting on the back of the motorcycle, feeling the wind and the fresh air, but I will never get a drivers licence for it myself. I'm perfectly fine sitting in the back, I'm hate to admit it, but I don't dare to drive it myself... I don't trust myself enough to have control over the bike, so I leave my life in the hands of my husband, which I have no problem with. Reading this, I realise that it sounds a bit weird... I trust my husband more than myself, how can that be?

My husbands bike

This weekend have been a bit busy, we went to visit my parents and stayed there from Friday to Saturday. Its just really nice being a "home", mum cooks all the meals, dad is reading the paper and makes sure we have enough coffee etc. My husband and my dad went to our mechanic to get our second car fixed... that was partly the reason we went to see my parents. They know this guy who is a mechanic and will fix our car quite cheap (no taxes and no receipt), so why not take advantage of that!

Today we have been doing laundry, there is lots of it! been cleaning a bit and now we are watching our local soccer team play on TV.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and are enjoying spring.


  1. You are one brave lady - motorcycles make me super nervous! Glad you are enjoying the warm weather!

  2. I'm with Meghan, motorcycles make me nervous too. But my hubby's side of the family LOVES them.

  3. It was lovely and sunny here on Saturday - we were out gardening ;) I thought spring was here to stay but now it's snowing!!

    And yes, motorcycles scare me something silly!!


  4. Yikes! I have a fear of riding motorcycles. But I do love spring and I'm so happy you get to enjoy it!


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