Sunday, June 20, 2010

I know I said my interest wasn't too high when it came to the world cup soccer games, but I will admit if I have a chance to watch the games Denmark is playing, well then I'm watching.
Last night I had a chance to watch Denmark - Cameroon. The game wasn't more than 6 minutes old when Dennis Rommedahl had a big chance of scoring a goal, but he missed. Not long after our goal keeper made a huge mistake and Cameroon was in the lead... Okay let's face it, at this time I start to loose interest, and begins to do other things. I went to kitchen and made coffee, and I hear my husband yelling "Yeahhhh" and the game is now at a tie.
After the break I start to watch again, hey now we might have chance of winning... Dennis Rommedahl get a chance again, and this time he doesn't miss, and we're in the lead 2-1! But that wasn't the time to relax, Cameroon put a lot of pressure on us, had a lot of chances, but we were lucky and we won.


Dennis Rommedahl was definitely the player that saved the game, I used to think he didn't really deserve to be on the national team any longer, but now he is my new hero. He is the best Danish player so far, hopefully some of the others will learn from him and we will win against Japan on Thursday... keep your fingers crossed for me... and Denmark:)

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  1. Great result for you. Hope the next game is good too :-) Australia needs a HUGE miracle now to stay in with a chance ..... Have a nice week!


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