Friday, June 11, 2010

The weekend is here

Finally the weekend is here, it have felt like the longest week ever. But now the weekends is here, and I'm ready to enjoy it.
Tonight will be a slow and relaxing night, I'm all ready on the couch with my coffee. I have decided that the last housework will have to wait till tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow night we are having a summer party at work, we will be around 160 people. I'm quite excited to just party for the night. Ahead of time some of my colleagues are coming over to my place where we will have a few drinks and some nachos. So keeping my fingers crossed that the sun will be shining tomorrow, it have pretty much been raining all week.
Otherwise the weekend will probably bring quite a bit of soccer games with the World Cup Games starting today. I'm kind of excited about it, and kind of not... I'm going to watch the games Denmark is playing and probably the final (maybe that will be Denmark playing... probably not, they haven't done too well the last few games). But the next couple of weeks is going put my marriage through a few things. We have all ready watched the opening game, last night we watched something leading up to the World Cup Games, tonight we are going to watch Uruguay-France... hey come on it has only started and I'm all ready kinda sick of it. So if I'll still be married after the World Cup, you better congratulate me:)

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  1. wow, 160 people, cocktails and natchos! That sounds like a fun party. I know what you mean, the soccer thing is really over kill...ughhh will be happy when it's over.


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